Still clinging to its origins and charming, crossed by the silence of ancient olive trees, sharped cliffs and white sandy beaches. A place where you can to delight with the glamor and purity of small ancient cultures that have become modern. The south that opens to the world, a cosmopolitan land chic and dynamic, a territory in constant evolution, artistically rich and brilliant and with a unique historical and environmental heritage of outstanding value.

Apulia, a land avant-garde.

Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_01 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_02 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_03

Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_04 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_05 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_06 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_07 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_08 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_09 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_10 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_11 Joseph_Cardo_Apulia_Calendar_2013_12

Photographed by Joseph Cardo

Concept Liberi Creativi

Assistants Carmine S, Nico P.

Dress by Francesco Paolo Salerno

Make up Barbara Pastore

Hair Enzo Lorusso

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