Trust in Urban Culture


Streetwear we are, some people think we are just followers of hip hop culture, but we are not. We compose for specific items where each has its own meaning, which have a history tied to the culture around. Our concept of style is very far from the classic stereotypes that we are accustomed to see and hear, our concept takes shape on the shores of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Each city contributed various elements that describe what we are today.


Simplicity and freedom of expression take precedence over every thing else and the urban style open new horizons to new kinds of fashion that had never been approached before, believing in urban culture.


We are looking at our bodies. the spaces we occupy and the way we express our future are a point of reference for the culture that surrounds us, and this is happening while we are listening music, watching trends, reading books and unconsciously day after day we merge with the urban style that now we are, becoming a single entity. WE ARE THE CITY.


Every day we caressed by the wind smog from cars, we are surrounded by advertisements of all different types, as we walk we meet people with eyes looking at their smartphones, in the distance you can see a view of archittetura that cut sunlight creating geometric lines perfect, we’re part of this and we can’t escape, but our culture and our way of being will allow us to express our style as our ideals have taught us, our ideas have a sound basis, nothing is left to chance,we don’t want to be left on the margins of a society that does not accept social change, we are the social change.


Our style can not be created nor destroyed. Everything you see around was present at the time of creation and you’re a part of it. The fact is those atoms in the body were once in the space between the stars. And now you.


We are surviving in the urban jungle of every day, we are kings of ourselves, we are able to ammalgamarci with the current society without using sfacciettature, we love the different, we love the extreme but do not call us extremists.


Drunken on the aroma of coffee, the times that rewind again and again, chased by their mobile phones, the people who pass by everyday let go of your looping daily lives and greet the city lights I’ve been waiting for this moment, I want it so much like freedom that has stretched to the skies It has become so wonderful until now, I’ve been waiting for so long. Now when we feel the freedom that has exploded and bloomed like fireworks we’re breaking away burst everything that is here right now you’re the only one who is free, free like a new light. Start again, altogether start again. The times that have been repeating themselves will all explode we’ll go crazy, the times you’ve looked at me Let go of your looping daily lives and greet the city lights I’ve been waiting for this moment, I want it so much like freedom that has stretched to the skies It has become so wonderful until now.


There are four main elements that make up what is really urban culture: break dancing, DJing, skaters and graffiti art. Each element has an important role in urban culture, this beautiful culture born in the Bronx, NY from proletarians oppressed. The style of this culture has been diligently delivered through MC’ing about oppression and the conditions of the oppressed peoples were going through in this decadent capitalist society.


When we look at the streets around us, and so we think we are part of this urban style but perhaps the most important thing is that the road is within us and when we reflect on this issue we feel larger.Z_02


Urban culture don’t know barriers of age or culture. It is not about being politically correct or even make a statement. Urban Culture is the concept of lifestyle that touches your soul and opens your horizons.


Art Director and Photographer: JOSEPH CARDO
Photographer Assistant: PETER SOLO
Production, Creative Direction and Graphic Design by GROUNDstudio.

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