L’Homme Savage

My wild and free side unsettled some and unwedged others. I need this wild life, this freedom. You always have to remember – no matter what you’re told – that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway. Photographed by JOSEPH CARDO


L’argilla, il sole e l’acqua si mescolano, si fondono, si decorano a formare un paesaggio lunare affascinante e mutevole: I CALANCHI. L’aspra paesaggistica della Lucania sud-orientale compreso fra le valli del Sauro e l’agri del Basento. Il territorio dei burroni lampeggia al sole come fa uno specchio, il vento nascosto tra le RUGHE della TERRA … Continue reading


Still clinging to its origins and charming, crossed by the silence of ancient olive trees, sharped cliffs and white sandy beaches. A place where you can to delight with the glamor and purity of small ancient cultures that have become modern. The south that opens to the world, a cosmopolitan land chic and dynamic, a territory in … Continue reading


Joseph Cardo The_Next_Age

A VISIONARY image suggesting a FUTURE, that may follow us. An APOCALYPTIC scenary, a livid ligth, a TRAVELER. Or maybe, just life, as a JOURNEY. SALINA, April 2008. Produced by GROUNDstudio | Model MIHAI NEGHIRLA (Major Model Management) Stylist BRUNO F. | MakeUp BARBARA P. | Hair Stylist ENZO L | Photographer’s assistants MICHELE C. … Continue reading